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Calculator: Long Term Plans
Long term program - program what pays small interest rate daily usually for more then 100 days. Sometimes such programs offers "principal back" feature in the end of investment term.
Plan:% daily fordays
Deposit: $0.00
Total Return: $0.00

Profit: $0.00
[ Profit + Principal: $0.00 ]
Calculator: Short Term Plans
Short term program - program what pays for relatively short period of time, usually investment plans have included interest in daily payments, for 10 till 50 days.
Plan:% afterday(s)
Deposit: $0.00
Total Return: $0.00

Profit: $0.00
Calculator: Hourly Plans
Hourly program - program what have investment plans what pays after one hour, like 103% after one hour where 3% of that is your profit.
Plan:% hour forhours
Deposit: $0.00
Total Return: $0.00

Profit: $0.00
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After approving your service it will be added in the list.

We have the right to refuse your program listing.

If you submit to any type of advertising option and your program will be not paying to investors, we have the right to disable your advertising.

You cannot rate your own program. If our system will find these votes program will be blacklisted. To get more proper votes you can place our button in most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting every 24 hours.

Activation Reinvestment Total Fee Add Program
STICKY $299.00 $300.00 $599 Add Your Program
ICO LIST $99.00 $200.00 $299 Add Your Program
LOW RISK PROGRAMS $99.00 $300.00 $399 Add Your Program
MEDIUM RISK PROGRAMS $49.00 $200.00 $249 Add Your Program
HIGH RISK PROGRAMS $15.00 $50.00 $65 Add Your Program
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